LendrR Presale

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  • The LendrR presale will take place on PinkSale on BSC.
  • The date for the presale is August 7th, 2023 at 3PM UTC.
  • The presale link is https://www.pinksale.finance/launchpad/0xEC58edcB712412d4E30755fB9000a011d644aD06?chain=BSC. Sales from other links are unrelated and should be avoided.
  • The presale token distribution and information are detailed in this article.
  • No LendrR tokens can be minted after launch.
  • The LendrR token and LendrRE section of the network will launch shortly after the presale is completed.

LendrR Token

LendrR (LNDRr) is the reward token issued by the Lendr Network for the LendrRE (LDRE) token. LendrRE is a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. real estate index, and its reward token, LendrR, is integrated into various mechanisms of the network to incentivize users to keep the stablecoin secure and sufficiently collateralized. LendrR rewards will accrue for users who stake their LDRE tokens into the stability pool, and more tokens will be distributed closer to launch, gradually decreasing over time to encourage early adoption.

LendrR Presale

The presale date is August 7th, 2023. It will take place on Pinksale on BSC. The total token supply is 100 million, and no additional tokens can be minted after launch. The hard cap for the presale will be 20BNB, and the liquidity will be locked for 6 months. More information is avaiable at the presale link https://www.pinksale.finance/launchpad/0xEC58edcB712412d4E30755fB9000a011d644aD06?chain=BSC.

Token Allocation

LendrR will have a total supply of 100 million tokens, and no further minting will occur after launch.

~30% allocated to Staking Rewards:

  • These rewards will be distributed to the LDRE Stability Pool over a period of 5 years and to Unipool liquidity providers.

~30% allocated to Previous Altrucoin Holders (Locked and Vesting):

  • Previous Altrucoin holders will receive 30% of the total token supply as part of the migration to the Lendr Network.
  • These tokens will not be available to holders at launch. A portion of them will be sent out and unlocked after 1 month, while the remaining portion will be distributed evenly over time, fully vesting 3 months after launch.

~30% allocated to Pinksale Presale/Liquidity (Locked):

  • This allocation is reserved for presale contributors and initial token liquidity.
  • The exact split between presale and liquidity will be determined by Pinksale.
  • The liquidity will be locked for 6 months.

8.55% allocated to Team/Endowment (Locked and Vesting):

  • These tokens are allocated for costs such as exchange listing fees, marketing, general business and employee expenses, and partnerships.
  • The team/endowment tokens will vest linearly over 6 months.

1.45% allocated to Hackathon/Bounty Fund:

  • The Lendr Network will have a bounty system to reward users who find security vulnerabilities or bugs in the network.

Presale Wallets

At deployment tokens are sent to the following addresses:

  • Lendr Staking Pool address (stability pool and unipool)
  • Lendr Network Hackathon/Bug Bounty multisig address 0x5a9c62953cf058384d82b475347f232d719d1652
  • Lendr Network company multisig address 0xb311EABB4c4488f6A1AfbBbAdb19777736f1A37e
  • The tokens in the company multisig will be manually distributed to the other necessary addresses (presale, altrucoin holders, etc).

Presale Strategy

For the upcoming presale, the team has partnered with an experienced marketing team that they have successfully worked with before. In previous presales, they have raised over 3,500 BNB. The Lendr Network project has also participated in multiple blockchain hackathons, winning 1st place in the Chainlink Hackathon for the Truflation Bounty and the 1st place in the BNB Chain Zero2Hero Hackathon for the 1Inch Bounty. These hackathons have provided exposure and instilled confidence in the project within the crypto space.

LendrR Token and Stablecoin Protocol Launch

The LendrR token will launch shortly after the presale is completed, marking the opening of the Lendr Network. To learn more about the token and the entire network, visit www.lendr.network or refer to the documentation at www.whitepaper.lendr.network/.




An interest-free lending platform for an inflation-proof stablecoin and flatcoins. Native tokens: LendrUSD (USDL) and Lender (LNDR).